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Car Finance Company Difference

Here at Car Finance Company our aim is to provide our customers with an affordable loan to purchase a vehicle of their choice from a reputable motor dealer. Our approved dealer network is strategically placed throughout the UK and our approved dealers fully understand what we do and why we do it to enable you, our customers, to purchase a car in your local area.

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We understand that anyone can have problems getting credit, often through no fault of their own, and we are not concerned about what may have happened in the past. At Car Finance Company, we will calculate a monthly payment for a car loan which you can easily afford. We will make sure the car you purchase is reliable and fit for purpose and we can even help you repair your credit rating, providing you
meet the payments on your loan.
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Drive away in days with our simple car loan process
Whether you have a car in mind or want to take your time choosing your vehicle, our flexible service can help you. You can buy your new or used car from any reputable UK car dealer, or if you need help, we have a list of recommended dealerships to use for guidance. We handle the car finance for you and make sure all the paperwork from the dealer is in order, so you can get on with the exciting part – choosing your new car.
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